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Enigma ®

Multi-point correlation system for leak location

Enigma is a state-of-the-art digital correlation logging system for determining the location of leaks in buried water pipes. Enigma combines noise logging and noise correlation into one operation to provide improved operational efficiency.

Enigma offers the following features:
Leak detection and location in one operation
Optimum performance in difficult leak detection situations
Avoids costly night-time working
Three sound samples separate genuine usage from leakage
Latest 24-bit technology
Finds multiple leaks
Powerful analysis software


Two systems available; Enigma (8 logger system - as shown above) and Enigma-Compact (3 logger system)

Usage of Enigma by Veolia's water team
Clip from France 3 Rhône Alpes television station
Reporters: Frédéric LLOP, Sandra MEALLIER

Enigma Downloads:
Datasheet - Enigma
Datasheet - PrimeTouch App's
Case Study - Leak location in Slovakia
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