technology for network management and leakage control

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Welcome to Primayer

Technology for water network management and leakage control

Network Management

District & leakage metering
Network modelling
Pressure surveys
Open-channel flow
Reservoir & borehole depth


Flow surveys
Flowmeter verification
Zonal metering
Trunk main surveys

Leakage control

Leak detection
Leak location
Trunk main leak location
Leak listening
Pipe location


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  • Future Water Networks Conference

    8-9th December 2015

    Kenilworth, Warwickshire

    More info

  • North American Water Loss Exhibition (NAWL)
    Primayer & Matchpoint Water Asset Management Inc.

    8-9th December 2015

    Georgia, USA

    More info

  • IOW Young Persons Event

    19th November

    Primayer House.

    Hosted by Primayer Ltd.

  • ANEAS 2015 Annual Conf. & Expo

    9th-13th November

    Chihuahua, Mexico

    Tecnoevoluciones Aplicadas

    More info

  • ACODAL 2015 International Congress

    9th-11th November

    Santa Martha, Colombia

    Tecnoevoluciones Aplicadas

    More info

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